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BAF Workshops & Webinars

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​BAF Fellows participating in  discussion at the 2019 BAF@UD 4.0 Workshop

​BAF Fellows participating in  discussion at the 2019 BAF@UD 4.0 Workshop

“I credit BAF for giving me the confidence to maneuver the academic job market. The professional development series was right on time! I am forever indebted to BAF.”

- Henry Smart, Ph.D.

The BAF Workshops & Webinars are the first of two core programs designed for and in collaboration with the BAF Fellows.

The workshops promote professional development and completion of graduate programs through special focus on specific benchmarks that have been proven to be potential stumbling blocks for students pursuing advanced degrees.

The workshops include presentations by academics and practitioners that give guidance on such topics as:

  • Comprehensive exams preparation
  • Dissertation preparation and defense
  • Developing grant and dissertation proposals
  • Committee selection
  • Best practices for publishing articles and manuscripts
  • Publishing preparation and exercises
  • Networking and academic collaboration
  • Career negotiations

These workshops offer essential bonding and educational opportunities for the students where they broaden their perspectives, learn of new and emerging research, assess their own progress and intellectual growth within the field and identify potential employers or post-doctoral mentors.

At the workshops, Fellows have opportunities to share their research and practice presentation skills. As with our webinars, there are also opportunities associated with the workshops that are student-led, providing an opportunity for them to fine-tune and demonstrate their organizing, planning and research skills—as well as exposing those skills to leaders in the hazard and disaster mitigation and emergency management fields, their mentors and potential employers.

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BAF Workshops & Webinars